Mission Statement

Modern Community School Responsibility and Mission

We believe it is the responsibility of Modern Community School to provide an educational program which will aid the children of this community to grow physically, intellectually, morally and emotionally, that they may live happily as children and that they may take the correct decisions that lead to the welfare of the community as a whole, realizing the most complete life possible within the limits of their individual needs, interests, and abilities. Complete citizenship embodies the dignity of the individual and his responsibility to the group, both of which could be nurtured best through democratic living in a democratic enviroment.

As a basis for building this program:

  • We believe education is a growth process by which people learn to think and act more effectively.
  • We believe in the individual’s worth and dignity as a person.
  • We believe each student should acquire an understanding of and a respect for the traditions, customs, and heritages of his friends irrespective of their race, religion or sect.
  • We believe that the privileges of the democratic way of life enjoyed by the individual imply a responsibility to help maintain this democracy.
  • We believe that an understanding of and a respect for the policies of democracy must be held by all.
  • We believe the individual’s welfare is dependent upon the welfare of others and everybody should have an understanding not only of his rights but of his obligations as well.
  • We believe that we must provide ways and means for the individual to discover and develop his ability and personality in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.
  • We believe the home, the community and the school must cooperate to assist young people in developing spiritually and morally.